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Get the Facebook ads templates and techniques that help even the most junior team member produce wow-worthy copy.

See the step-by-step ads copywriting process developed while managing over $1M in ad spend. So you can write scroll-stopping ads that get the click. Without guessing. And without the costly “learnings” that nearly everyone has to endure to get exceptionally good.

33 step-by-step lessons (with transcripts)

The tested and proven framework for 10x Facebook ad copy

The complete Facebook Ads conversion copy workbook

The working docs based on $1M in ad spend

4+ “Ninja Techniques” for messages that grasp attention

“The perfect lead profile” to attract the right attention

Completion badge for LinkedIn or your website

BONUS! Navigating Facebook Ad Compliance

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A/B Testing for Copywriters

A/B Testing for Copywriters

Master A/B testing concepts and terminology to position yourself as a conversion copywriter (and charge higher fees).
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