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In just pages…
You’ll discover what it takes copywriters YEARS of trial & error to figure out.

Here’s what pro copywriters know for sure: Visitors are bored.

And when visitors are bored, bounce rates skyrocket like a SpaceX launch. And conversion rates plummet right along with the latest crypto trend.

They also know that your headlines, subheads and value propositions are likely the key boredom culprits.

But how do you fix all of that? Especially when you don’t have the years to invest. Or a desire to become a pro copywriter.

You master the most valuable messaging and marketing copy. The copy that consistently has a direct impact on conversions & sales.

Since 2011, Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions has taught startups, agencies & marketers how to nail the most important copy they’ll ever write.

In the second book of the Copyhackers Classics Series, Joanna Wiebe shows you how to:

Write stop-in-your-tracks headlines.

Move readers through each section of copy with standout subheads.

Craft a value proposition that shapes your site – and your brand – while boosting sales. And…

Joanna includes actionable copywriting strategies, examples and next steps.

Plus, a Headline Hall of Shame. ‘Cuz let’s face it, sometimes the best way to learn what to do - is to see what not to do.

And you’ll get:

Headline formulas you can AND SHOULD copy (check out chapter 4)

Slap-your-head dos & don’ts, subhead rules (see chapters 5 & 6)

And everything you need to write a value prop that can measurably boost your conversion rate (go to chapter 7)

Pick up your copy of Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions before the price changes.

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Where Stellar Messages Come From

Where Stellar Messages Come From

Start using your customers' own words to convert them (The Classics by Copyhackers Book 1)
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Buttons & Click-Boosting Calls to Action

Buttons & Click-Boosting Calls to Action

Because you can’t convert online without clicking a button (The Classics by Copyhackers Book 3)
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The Rich Writer Series

Start making money fast with "The Rich Writer" 3-book series

Grab all three books in the Rich Writer Series. "Your First $1000", "Your First $5000 Month" and "The Six-Figure Freelance Copywriter"
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