You can make an extra $1000 a month with a copywriting side hustle. Did you know that copywriters are among the highest-paid professionals in the world?

Some direct-response copywriters have bought vacation homes with the pay from a single sales letter. And with the massive migration of businesses to the online world, the need is greater than ever to hire freelancers who can write emails, ads, websites and sales pages.

Which means NOW is the perfect time to get paid to write.

What could earning an extra $1000 a month with copywriting mean?

Catching up on bills

Replenishing your savings account

Making a sizable monthly payment on your student loans

Taking a family vacation this year

Getting that new computer you’ve had your eye on

Saying “Yes” to your kids’ new activity… and all the equipment they need for it

Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copyhackers, shows you exactly how you can make money online from home with one of the highest-paying side hustles out there: freelance copywriting.

In the first few chapters, you'll get a complete step-by-step list of actions you can take to start making as much as $1000 a month on the side (in just 5 hours a week). You'll see what you can do to get your first paying side gig in the next 7 days.

There’s no need to go through expensive training or buy tricky software.

If you have a Google Doc… you can earn.

Your First $1000 is perfect for you if even TWO of the following are true for you:

You want a creative side hustle that’s in demand

You like writing

You seek the freedom of a freelance lifestyle

You’ve just quit your job... or you really want to

You’re a seasonal worker with gaps in your calendar

You see $1000 as a tiny first step toward great wealth

In the first book of The Rich Writer Series, you get actionable client-getting techniques, real-life examples and checklists. Lots of checklists.

You’ll also hear stories from freelance copywriters who have used these tactics to make consistent cash with copywriting.

Plus, discover:

What client-getting tactic you have to act on to secure a project today (check out chapter 1)...

The one thing to include in an email that instantly grabs the attention of potential clients (see chapter 6)...

And the must-haves, nice-to-haves and don’t-needs so you don’t waste time (or money) getting to your first $1000 (go to chapter 12).

It all starts with Your First $1000.

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Your First $5000 Month

Get ready for your first $5000 month!

What if freelance copywriting could be your main source of income, allowing you to quit that 9-5 and live life on your own terms? That's the goal of Your First $5000 Month. But this isn't just a guide to making money. It's a guide to building a sustainable and fulfilling career as a freelance copywriter.
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The Six-Figure Freelance Copywriter

The Six-Figure Freelance Copywriter

Snag your copy today and use the real six-figure stories in this book to get more specific about what you want from freelancing life. (The Rich Writer Book 3)
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Freelancing School Monthly

Freelancing School Monthly

The basecamp for every growth-focused freelance copywriter on the planet. Now at special introductory prices for Black Friday only…
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